Available ATV'S & UTV'S
  1. ATV
  2. Sportsman
  3. RZR
Polaris Hunter Addition ​
Polaris RZR​​
Polaris Sportsman ​

Seats 2

Side by Side 



​$250.00 per day


​3 days or more
$200.00 per day

2 Up 

Winch available

Dump bed 


Touring addition

$200.00 per day


​3 days or more
$150.00 per day

1 Up 

Comes with winch

Hunting scabbard 


Hunter addition 

​$200.00 per day


​3 days or more
$150.00 per day

​Ramps provided at no charge 
​ATV trailer rentals available for $50.00 per day
​Things to know when renting ATV'S or UTV'S
  • ​Ramps provided at no charge
  • ​50% Deposit is required to reserve 
  • ​There is a 72 hour non refundable cancellation
  • ​Must be 21 years or older to rent and drive
  • Must have a valid Driver License
  • Must have a Credit Card (Debit Cards are NOT Accepted) 
  • ​Per day is a 24 hour rental period 
​​​Things to bring
Eye protection, helmet, gloves, phone, first aid kit, long pants, lunch/snack, lots of water, multiple layers of clothing, rain gear, ​extra gas, GPS, area map,

​​​Things we provide​​
Full tank of gas (you need to return machine with a full tank), helmets, first aid kit, safety vest, goggles, fix-a-flat (please note if items  are not returned or damaged there is a charge for the item) 

​Things to know when renting Trailers​​
  • ​Ramps provided at no charge
  • ​Must have a 2" ball  
  • ​Your are required to know if you are able to tow with your vehicle 
  • ​Trailer lighting requires 4 flat connection or an adapter is required 
  • Must have a valid Drivers License
  • Must Have a Credit Card (Debit Cards are NOT Accepted) 
  • ​Must have valid insurance for towing 
​​​Deposit Information ​​​
$1,500 ATV/UTV deposit  required
After they are returned and cleaned and inspected and no damage has occured the full deposit will be returned​